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Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany, on behalf of ZIERER Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH

Complete media technology and show-control for the Experience Ride and Experience Lab in the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2005 in Aichi/Japan (25/03/05 – 25/09/05). Development of photo stations and many more multimedia shows.

Download EXPO 2005 Aichi Flyer.pdf

The German Pavilion BIONIS
In summer 2004 project: syntropy was entrusted to plan and set up media installations and special projections for the Experience Ride, Experience Drops and the Experience Lab of the German Pavilion BIONIS at EXPO 2005 (March 25th until September 25th) in Aichi/Japan. 
Fortunately we could draw from our expertise from a similar project: the Dark Ride CHEMIDROM of the pavilion MAN at EXPO 2000, Hannover/Germany. We met the tight production schedule of only nine month and convinced our client to assign additional tasks to us which had been the development and implementation of a digital capture photography system for the ride; the design of multi-media applications and post production of several videos to be shown in the Experience Lab. The German Pavilion BIONIS, being one of the three most visited pavilions was awarded a gold medal for its performance.

Project Workflow
In autumn 2004 the planning phase resulted in a successful test installation of the Experience Ride. The Ride was  demonstrated and tested on a shop floor in Berlin. Additional media and control technology was then installed in the ten Experience Drops. By December 2004 all media technology was assembled, configured and shipped in containers to Japan. Beginning in February 2005 we installed the media technology for the Experience Ride and the Experience Lab. 
Subsequent to that we implemented and programmed the show control for the Experience Ride. During the six months opening time of the EXPO our employees were controlling operations and maintaining all installations. 
When the EXPO closed its doors we took part in the dismantling of the Experience Ride and the Experience Lab. It was subsequently rebuilt and newly themed as “Sturmflutenwelt Buesum” at the North Sea.

One of the main attractions of the Experience Ride was the unique combination of a Motion-System and a Dome Projection System.
We used our own custom-built solution to realize the edge-blending and distortion of the multi-channel projection, which includes automatic calibration as a combination of a motorized camera and software. The system was also used to calibrate the multi-channel projections along the tunnels of the Dark Ride.


  • Technical Management
  • Systems Design
  • Hardware- and Softwaredesign
  • Show Programming
  • Media Mastering
  • Interactive Applications
  • Installation
  • Support and Maintenance
EXPO2005 - Aichi, Japan - German Pavilion
EXPO2005 - Aichi, Japan - German Pavilion
EXPO2005 - Aichi, Japan - German Pavilion
EXPO2005 - Aichi, Japan - German Pavilion
EXPO2005 - Aichi, Japan - German Pavilion - Experience Ride And Experience Lab
EXPO2005 - Aichi, Japan - German Pavilion