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Palmengarten, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Interactive butterfly multimedia system controlled by a touch-sensitive table and projected using a two-channel projection system for exhibition ” AIR SHOW: Tropical Butterflies”.

We have provided an interactive presentation table and a multimedia application for the temporary exhibition “AIR SHOW: Tropical Butterflies” in the gallery at the Palmhouse of the Palmengarten in Frankfurt/Main (24/11/05 – 12/03/06), where the visitors were able to watch unhurriedly over 30 different kinds of living tropical butterflies in the butterfly-houses.
A multimedia interface is projected on a table using two seamlessly blended projectors. Dedicated capacitive sensor technology allows for touchless interaction and thus enables visitors to catch the flapping virtual butterflies to get more information about them.

Our Work

  • Software-Interfacedesign
  • Application Programming
  • Media Technology
  • Installation