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The POWER OF NATURE is an absolutely innovative concept of a mini science center which can be deployed in unusual environments like theme parks, brand centers, shopping malls etc. Its original mix of science center exhibits combines multimedia and virtual attractions with scientific experiments and tests. Kids and teens can explore the fascinating themes of nature in many dimensions either by themselves or with their families or in tutored school classes. While experiencing the incredible powers and diversity of nature, the science center visitors will be made aware of the vital importance of every individual’s responsibility to preserve the environment.

The Mini Science Center is the perfect way to attract children and school groups during non-peak hours and to offer them the opportunity to learn while having fun!

The Mini Science Center is designed by Green Spirit srl. and includes project: syntropy’s signature Race Tunnel attraction and Immersive Fulldome Entertainment.

If you are interested to learn more about the Mini Science Center, please contact us using the contact form.