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BASF AG, Ludwigshafen/Germany and China

55″ multitouch rear-projection table with additional FullHD display in steel case ft. object tracking and multitouch capabilities

We delivered two multimedia information systems equipped with two FullHD-Displays each based on a concept of the agency flying saucer for the german and chinese branch of BASF.

BASF’s broad portfolio for automotive applications is presented using a model car as navigation device by means of fiducial-based tracking. The position and direction in which it turns on a projection disc are continually tracked and control the realtime interface. The information system is also equipped with multi-touch capabilities. Multiple objects could be used for interaction and thus allow a playful interaction by a couple of users at the same time. The second display shows hi-end 3D animations according to the selected contents.

The complete system has been integrated into a high quality steelcase, which has been delivered with a custom-made transport case for easy setup and dismantling during trade shows.


  • Technical Concept
  • Hardware- and Softwaredesign
  • Application Programming
  • Construction
  • Maintenance