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Austrian Design Foundation, Vienna/Austria

6 x 1.5m big multitouch table with capacitive sensor technology, three seamlessly blended front projection channels supporting six simultaneous users.

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour of the Republic of Austria has presented their economics report “Austria 2005” in the  austrian design quartier21/MQ – the Museumsquarter of Vienna. On the occasion of this event we planned, co-produced and installed an interactive presentation table in co-production with Nofrontiere Design GmbH, Vienna, for their client, the Austrian Design Foundation and Design Austria.

A multimedia interface is projected by three seamlessly blended projectors on a table having the size of 6 x 1.5m. Capacitive sensor technology enables six simultaneous visitors to interact with the application without even touching the table.

Our Work

  • Technical Management
  • Systems Design
  • Application Programming
  • Media Technology
  • Installation