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Museum of Communication, Berlin/Germany

50″ FullHD Multitouch Table for the permanent exhibition. Multitouch application supporting unlimited touches, equipped with web-CMS and object tracking capability for easy maintenance.

We developed a 50″ Multitouch Infosystem “Telefonvitrine” for the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Communication, Berlin. Located in the first floor of the museum in the collection room for landline and mobile phones the visitors can learn and explore the history and development of mobile communication.

The dynamic multitouch interface includes a database-driven Web CMS to make content updates as easy as possible as the success story of mobile communication continues and also support multi-lingual content. The user interface with its most flexible multimedia content frames has been designed to allow endless amounts of contents, categories and keywords to be displayed without the need for restructuring or re-design.

The multitouch technology allows a number of parallel users to explore and interact with the info system in a manner which has already been learned by using the iPhone or iPod touch, the latter being also used as an audio-guide in the museum. The multitouch system also supports fiducial-based tracking for easy administration by the museums’ personnel and works flawlessly since its commissioning in early 2008.

Our Work

  • Technical Conception
  • Hardware-/Softwaredesign
  • Interface Concept and -design
  • Programming
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Maintenance