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Museum of Communication, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

55″ FullHD Multitouch Table for the permanent exhibition, custom-made case with translucent Corian and programmable LED light effects. Multitouch application supporting unlimited touches, equipped with web-CMS and remote administration capability for easy maintenance.

We developed a 55″ FullHD Multitouch Table for the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Communication, Frankfurt/Main, about the history and development of mobile communication in Germany.

The case of the table is made of translucent Corian and is illuminated using programmable LEDs. The exhibit stands out from the usual showcases with its beautiful light effects. The multitouch table is equipped with a highly durable projector from projectiondesign.

The application itself is a replica of the application we have developed for the Museum of Communication in Berlin.

The dynamic interface is equipped with a web-based content management system to prepare  new contents as the success story of mobile communication continues and also for multi-linguality. The multitouch technology allows a couple of users to explore and interact with the information system in parallel without disturbing each other.