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Luxlait association Agricole, Luxembourg

14 interactive innovative mixed reality exhibits for Luxlait’s VITARIUM Science Centre – interactive environments, multimedia treadmill and -pull-up, mixed reality body scanners and more…

Download Luxlait VITARIUM Flyer.pdf

By November, 2010 Luxlait’s VITARIUM Science Centre was opened to the public in Luxembourg, supported by several of Luxembourg’s ministries. It is a brand world of the Luxlait association Agricole in Luxembourg. Luxlait is renowned as one of the most modern dairy companies in Europe.
3,500 sq.m. of exhibition space of the Vitarium are connected by a tunnel with the new dairy – to allow visitors to have a combined experience of a science and a brand centre with multimedia factory tour.
The educational and experience-oriented approach is flanked by Luxlait branding. About 50 interactive exhibits were developed after a concept of the agency studioklv, Berlin, 14 of which – being the most complex – were developed by us, which involved a lot of innovative mixed reality technologies.
The visitors can thus experience scientific phenomena and processes all around the topics food, exercise and fitness in the truest sense of the word.

Highlight Exhibits

Among others, we delivered the following exhibits:

1. My Luxlait Farmer – a Media Wall

2. Cow stomach scanner 
An interactive Mixed-Reality microscope to investigate the four stomachs of a cow 

3. Country of Luxembourg
An interactive map of the milk economy in Luxembourg

4. Mirrored work coat projection
The visitors carry white smock. As soon as they step before a mirror, a projection starts automatically, which presents different aspects of myths all around the topic milk mirror-inverted on the white smock surface of the visitor such as: who has created the Milky Way and what‘s up with Romulus and Remus?  

5. Hear a banquet
The visitor undertakes a culinary and cultural trip to the most different countries and learns something about the local table manners and eating habits. To do so visitors use interactive audio stations which are inserted in dishes.

6. Metabolism-Screening
The visitor looks in a mixed-reality projection to different places inside of his body, while the internal organs of a person are projected on his own reflexion. The reflexion of his real body and the ‚X-ray vision‘ is precisely overlapped and visualizes and illustrates processes inside the visitor‘s body. The visitor learns where and how milk is used in the body and which functions the single components of milk have.

7. Musclescanner
an interactive exhibit based on the fitness device ‚leg curl‘. The legs of the visitor are under a table with built-in monitor on top. On the screen his femoral muscles are visualised as a virtual ‚X-ray image‘ which contract and expand in realtime according to the movement.

8. Cow Race
On a treadmill the visitor can work himself out in a race against a cow which runs interactively beside him in a projected comic animation.

9. Info Pull-ups
Information about the most unbelievable world records is made accessible by performing pull-ups.


  • Technical Conception
  • Hardwaredesign
  • Mixed-Reality Technology
  • Hard- and Software development
  • Show Control
  • Installation
  • Maintenance