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flyDOME – the next generation of flying theatre experiences

project: syntropy has developed a new generation of flying theatre experiences. Based on our decades long know-how in serious flight training and simulation we take your visitors into the real flight immersion!
A dedicated state-of-the-art motion system is combined with a stunning “project: syntropy standard” visual and audio system.
The realism of the show can be completed by adding multiple special effects like wind, light, haze, snow…

flyDOME is the first attraction that not only gives your visitors the spectacular feeling of a real flight  but also allows for interactivity!   It is the first flying theatre concept to allow interactivity on a larger scale and for a large audience. The attraction features a sophisticated modular design to be scalable from a 16-seat system to an 80- or even more seats venue.

When upscaling the solution you are able to build a landmark attraction combined with large audience interactivity and boost the level of entertainment to new highs.

flyDOME’s iconic 6-DOF motion includes a heave affect of 800mm!

A stunning spherical high resolution visual is covering the entire field of view of each visitor thus creating a fully immersive environment.

The modular design allows the attraction to be customized from 16 to 200 visitors.
It does not matter how many visitors you plan for: the quality of the immersion and the interactivity can be provided in all sizes.

While the dedicated motion system design provides already a real flight feeling additional effects like wind, light, haze or snow will immerse your audience even more in any story being told…

As a first of its kind the flyDOME flying theatre can come with a fully interactive feature.

Please use our contact form for requests and further information about flyDOME.

Download flyDOME Flyer.pdf (also in chinese language)