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SYNtouch RADAR laser-based touchless Multitouch Multi-User Surfaces

SYNtouch RADAR – touchless infrared laser-based multitouch surfaces

SYNtouch RADAR turns any simple projection screen into an interactive attraction just by adding one or more industry-grade infrared LASER sensors and our SYNtouch RADAR calibration software. It does not matter if you have a rear or front projection, a plasma- or LCD-display or -wall, a media facade or even a hemispheric or dome projection: use SYNTouch RADAR to calibrate the projection or the screens and immediately explore the possibilities of multi-touch on the big screen. SYNtouch RADAR is the most flexible solution for touchless multitouch interaction on the market.

Unlimited screen size and unlimited touch points with SYNtouch RADAR
The size of your interactive projection does not matter: simply add additional sensors if you need them. Running SYNtouch RADAR allows you to easily calibrate as many sensors as you need and to merge them into one big desktop ready for multi-user interaction.
The system is touch-less and supports single-, dual- or even multi-touch interaction, thus allowing the use of natural gestures in your application. The range finder LASER sensors are not irritated as easy by sunlight or infrared light as other multitouch systems and can be used in outdoor situations.

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SYNtouch RADAR.pdf
SYNtouch Radar (in chinese language).pdf

Main Features

  • unlimited multitouch events
  • supports different sensors from different manufacturers (ask for details)
  • multi-sensor software license can be used for a single big wall with multiple sensors/one PC or on different single-sensor installations / different PCs
  • supports Windows 8, 10 & 11 multitouch, TUIO (ask for other protocols)
  • calibrates also Microsoft® Xbox One KINECT Sensor
  • supports Ventuz Professional Presenter and Dataton Watchout (depending on version)
  • supports RTTrPM (Real-Time Tracking Protocol – Motion) to allow connecting range finder laser sensors with multi-display authoring systems
  • integration in other 3rd party software/hardware possible
  • runs independently from interactive application, thus every OS can be used

project: syntropy portfolio

  • SYNtouch RADAR calibration software
  • SYNtouch RADAR full solution incl. sensor
  • SYNtouch RADAR multitouch multi-user applications
  • SYNtouch RADAR dedicated interface and software development
  • SYNtouch RADAR dedicated turnkey solutions with integrated display / projection system