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We provide full service from concept development, systems design to installation and training of operators. With over 20 years of experience in delivering immersive attractions we have helped designers, architects, live entertainment agencies and end customers to bring many media based attraction projects to life world-wide, e.g. for EXPO 2005, Japan – EXPO 2010, China –  EXPO 2012 and other locations in Korea or Taiwan or Saudi Arabia.
Our network of renowned experts and suppliers of components and content production supports us in delivering top-class scalable turnkey immersive Media Based Attractions.

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(also in chinese language)

We not only offer tailor-made immersive attractions and visual systems, but also offer scalable turnkey attractions such as:

  • flyDOME  (also in chinese language) is our new flying theatre attraction that not only offers a scalable capacity from 16 up to 96 people, but also creates a truly unique immersive experience thanks to the 4K fulldome projection system.
  • RACE TUNNEL Flyer.pdf (also in chinese language) allows small children and teenagers to race against animals that are projected on a 15m wall. The animals are running at their natural speed, it is a nice educational experience too.
  • VIRTUAL AQUARIUM (also in chinese language) lets visitors travel into the deepest parts of the ocean, down to a depth of more than 8000 m. They will be able to experience the flora and fauna that only few men have ever explored.

Turnkey Media Based Attractions for Culture, Leisure & Entertainment by project: syntropy

Immersive Projection for Multimedia Experience Center Schloss Hessen

Customer Foerderverein „Schloss Hessen“ e.V., Hessen, Saxony-Anhalt Project Turnkey immersive multimedia projection system consisting of a 7m wide and 3.5m high cylindrical projection screen connected to a floor projection and…

Immersive interactive 5D Mixed Reality Urban Model of Shanghai – SUPEC

Customer Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (SUPEC), on behalf of Space M GmbH, Munich/D. Project Turnkey immersive interactive 5D Mixed-Reality Environment, comprising a 20m wide & 10m high fibre glass…

Qin Palace Flying Theatre Turnkey Fulldome System

4D Planetarium – Gimcheon Science Museum, South Korea

VIRTUALITY Science Centre Riyadh – Media Based Attractions

Customer Native Solutions (AL ASILA Co.) for the Information Technology Communications Complex (ITCC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Project Five main attractions for the VIRTUALITY science centre in Riyadh: the DOME…

MUSEION Media Facade - Museum For Modern And Contemporary Art Bozen/Bolzano

MUSEION Bolzano – Interactive Media Facades

Media facade conception for 2x18 projector matrix, total resolution of 4k, 2x 400sqm glass facade, development of multi-display software and VJ-tool based on WATCHOUT by Dataton, enabled for interactive content for MUSEION Art Museum, Bolzano, South Tyrol.
The Ark Of Nebra - The Pepper's Ghost

Ark of Nebra – Visitor Centre Nebra, Germany

Film production for various pepper's ghost installations and a puppet theatre, computer animation of the sky disc, AV and media technology for Multimedia-based Visitor Centre "Ark of Nebra" in Kleinwangen near Nebra/Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
Adi Dassler Brand Center 25-channel Projection Wall

Adi Dassler Brand Center – VJ-Tool

Database-driven show control and content management system (VJ-Tool) for one of the largest projection walls ever built at Adi Dassler Brand Center (ADBC) - a 25-channel softedge-projection with 370 sq.m. available screen area (106m x 3,5m) for customer adidas AG, Herzogenaurach/Germany.
EXPO2005 - Aichi, Japan - German Pavilion

EXPO 2005 Aichi/Japan – German Pavilion BIONIS

Complete media technology and show-control for the Experience Ride and Experience Lab in the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2005 in Aichi/Japan (25/03/05 - 25/09/05). Development of photo stations and many more multimedia shows on order of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany.

Media Based Attraction Videos