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Visual Display Solutions for Simulation & Training - References of project: syntropy

Visual Display Solution for Simulation & Training - Reference Videos

Turnkey Visual Display Solutions for Simulation & Training by project: syntropy

The market for military, commercial and industrial simulation and training is constantly growing as simulators are used in many new areas of application where extensive and probably continuous training for the job is a necessity. Simulation must comprise all senses: the tactile and the kinesthetic sense, the ear and last, but not least, the eye. Therefore the quality of the projection system is critical to professional simulation. Projection systems must be of high image quality and resolution, extremely durable and efficient in a 24/7 environment as well as very adjustable and flexible in a tight simulation environment.

The team of project: syntropy has realized many complex display solutions and immersive simulation- and training environments for most diverse markets, customers and applications.

Choosing project: syntropy means you are getting a seamlessly integrated display system whose quality lies beyond the state-of-the-art and on the edge of the technically feasible.

In addition to provision of display solutions for simulation and training project: syntropy develops and integrates either components for such environments e.g. virtual reality trackingsystems, rendering hard-/software, or delivers total solutions with our partners, e.g. complete flight-, driving-, procedure simulators with vibration- and/or motion platform.
project: syntropy is powered by software solutions for auto-calibration,
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