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360 Fly Adventure – the next generation Media Ride Attraction!

New, unique, and first of its kind, 360 Fly Adventure is the most spectacular experience that literally immerses visitors in the ride movie!
Designed by renowned attraction designer Valerio Mazzoli (famous for his works at Disneyland Paris), 360 Fly Adventure is the result of a collaborative effort of household names in the area of themed attractions.
360 Fly Adventure immerses your visitors in a never seen before media based ride attraction. It includes one of the largest screens ever produced for a media ride, a state-of-the-art ride system by Intamin Amusement Rides, and a custom-produced movie that will make your visitors experience a thrilling adventure through erupting volcanoes, monster attacks, and much more!
The attraction has an instant capacity of 72 people and an hourly capacity of 1250 people. Each balloon has a capacity of 8 people and there are a total of 9 balloon-vehicles.

The Projection System by PROJECT: SYNTROPY

  • Screen Dimensions
    – Screen type: Toroid Screen
    – Screen material: perforated metal
    – Radius (Horizontal): 25.5m – Radius (Vertical): 10.5m
    – Screen height: 16m
    – Horizontal Field of View: 270°
  • Projection system specs
    – 20-channel high resolution low maintenance projection system
    – Resolution: ~4.5k
  • ProjectionTools auto-calibration
    Fully automated camera-based autocalibration for geometry, blending, color etc. for the entire system by pressing a button.
  • Media Server
    Up to 60p uncompressed, frame accurate synchronized playback
  • Show Control
    Fully ride synchronized show control system.

Find details about it here.

The ride movie by POLYMORPH SOFTWARE
The movie of 360 Fly Adventure is the first movie developed for a dynamic viewer who physically ventures in the various scenes.

Please use our contact form for requests and further information about the 360 Fly Adventure.

Download 360 FLY Adventure Info.pdf