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Transas Marine International, Gothenburg/Sweden

Turnkey seven channel projection system with 240 degree projection for ships bridge simulator for Sjöfartsverket (Swedish Maritime Administration) in Gothenburg.

Download Navigation Sim Sjöfartsverket Flyer.pdf

Some years ago, Transas Marine International in Gothenburg installed a ships bridge simulator for their customer Sjöfartsverket (Swedish Maritime Administration) in Gothenburg. It is based on a 7 channel projection system covering 220 degrees field of view horizontally.

To comply with certifications the end user needed to upgrade to a 240 degree projection. Our customer Transas approached us once again to propose a new design and to deliver the projection system.
The new solution is based on 7 projectiondesign F22 projectors and equipped with a multi camera auto-calibration solution, fully integrated with Transas’ internal warp and blend. Not only is the projection now covering 240 degrees HFOV but additional pixels were also added to fill the available screen from floor to ceiling.

About Transas Marine International
The Transas Group (now Wärtsilä) is a manufacturer of systems for professional training and certification of sea specialists. With 5,500 simulation systems installed in over 950 training and simulation centres in 91 countries they hold about 45% of the international commercial maritime simulation market.
The simulators enable various levels of training, from familiarisation, standard operation and watch-keeping, to advanced operation, troubleshooting and vessel resource management.
Simulators are developed in line with key international maritime requirements (STCW, IMO model courses and specialised standards), and hold certificates from leading classification societies.

About The Swedish Maritime Administration
The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) offers modern and safe shipping routes with 24 hour service. We take responsibility for the future of shipping. SMA is a governmental agency and enterprise within the transport sector and is responsible for maritime safety and availability.
Services include, for example, Pilotage, Fairway Service, Maritime Traffic Information, Icebreaking, Hydrograpy, Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue and Seamen’s Service.
Activities focus primarily on merchant shipping, but also take the pleasure boating and fishing interests into account.

Transas Navigation Simulator