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Transas Marine International (now Wärtsilä), Gothenburg/Sweden

Display solution upgrade for a navigational simulator comprising of a 4m x 12.6m screen, design and installation of the projection system and integration of a camera based auto-calibration system for Sikkerhetssenteret in Rørvik, Norway.

Download Ships Bridge Sim Sikkerhetssenteret.pdf

Transas Marine International (now Wärtsilä) in Gothenburg approached us, to design an advanced display solution upgrade for a Navigational simulator in Rørvik, Norway.
Transas Marine International wanted an upgrade of their main Navigational simulator for Sikkerhetssenteret in Rørvik, Norway. A new building of 940 sqm. was taking form where all of the existing 8 smaller simulators along with the new one would move in. The current main simulator was to be replaced by one from Transas. The main simulator will be used to train personnel of fishing vessels. The training is needed to allow for a more precise navigation closer to objects in the water like the fish harvesting cages.
We proposed a spherical screen so that the projection will be closer to the vessel’s side. Detailed renderings of the design were provided for the end user to illustrate the clear benefits of our solution.
The responsibility of project: syntropy was delivery and installation of the screen (4m height, 12.6m diameter), design and installation of the projection system as well as integration of the camera based auto-calibration.

About Transas Marine International
The Transas Group (now Wärtsilä) is a manufacturer of systems for professional training and certification of sea specialists. With 5,500 simulation systems installed in over 950 training and simulation centres in 91 countries they hold about 45% of the international commercial maritime simulation market.
The simulators enable various levels of training, from familiarisation, standard operation and watch-keeping, to advanced operation, troubleshooting and vessel resource management.
Simulators are developed in line with key international maritime requirements (STCW, IMO model courses and specialised standards), and hold certificates from leading classification societies.

About Sikkerhetssenteret Rørvik
The center was established in 1994 and is today known as a center of academic excellence in the education of seafarers. Great efforts are taken so that their instructors are well qualified to ensure high quality of the courses offered.
Staff includes navigators, engineers, telegraphoperators, people with experience in fisheries, military background, nurses and firefighters. In addition they cooperate with competent specialists working in the oil industry; divers, paramedics and health professionals and marine industries.

Transas Ships Bridge Simulator