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DLR Institute of Transportation Systems, Braunschweig/Germany.

Turnkey dynamic driving simulator display solution w. 18 UXGA LED projector channels in two rows, a FOV of 270° x 40° and auto-alignment system.

Download DLR Dyn Sim Flyer.pdf

The DLR Institute of Transportation Systems operates a dynamic driving simulator for the validation of assistance functions that are already in an advanced state of development. The driving simulator is equipped with a novel hexapod system with the cabin hanging in below the upper articulations, which allows enormous linear movements and integration of a complete vehicle.
project: syntropy provided the high-quality projection system for the visualisation of the surrounding environment and traffic. After the 2nd and latest upgrade the system was equipped with 18 LED-projectors, offering a total horizontal resolution of 12,500 pixels with a FOV of 270° x 40°. Additionally, the rear-view mirror and the lateral rear mirrors view are enabled by LC-Displays.

We integrated the visual display system for the driving simulator:

  • Support structure
  • Wiring and show control
  • Auto-alignment and initial calibration
  • Design, engineering and integration work
  • ATP & training

About the Institute
DLR is Germany’s national research center for aeronautics and space. Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, transportation and energy is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures.

The Institute of Transportation Systems in Braunschweig and Berlin designs, develops and evaluates solutions for human-centered driver assistance systems, traffic surveillance and management as well as for automation, disposition and train control in rail traffic.

(all images with kind permission of DLR e.V., Institute for Transportation Systems)