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Renewal of the visual display solution for two Dallara high-performance professional driving simulators located in Varano, Italy, and in Indianapolis, USA. The two new visuals feature each a 3-channel WQXGA, 120hz high resolution solid state LED-projection and a ProjectionTools autocal system.

Download DALLARA Driving Simulators.pdf

The many years old SIM 7 Q-based projection systems of the driving simulators were to be replaced with new projection systems which should work from 60Hz to 120Hz, move away from lamp based technology, minimize latency and should fit into the existing framework of the simulator roof. Furthermore the systems were supposed to be certified for 24/7 operation, require very little maintenance and fit into a very tight existing projector cabinet.
We provided Dallara with a detailed evaluation and design study of different projector models to come up with an informed decision.
The final solution included a 3-channel WQXGA, 120hz high resolution solid state LED-projection solution, our custom-made projector mounts to ensure lens stability under extreme forces which occur when the high-performance driving simulator is in motion and a customised ProjectionTools autocal system.

DALLARAs first and only high-performance professional driving simulators offer a unique learning experience that allows a driver to drive the same monocoque used on the track, with the same controls (pedals, brakes, dashboard) and the same level of feedback (steering and brake effort). In the simulator, drivers can change any car configuration parameter to meet their needs. Unlike testing on the track, the simulator allows for drivers to test these changes in a controlled environment. All Dallara cars are available for simulation, from Formula 3 to IndyCar as well as over 30 tracks and counting.

For over 40 years, Dallara has been designing and producing some of safest and fastest racing  cars in the world and last year they released their first road-legal sports car, the Dallara Stradale.Dallara has been manufacturing up to 200 cars per year, competing in every F3 series worldwide, and has been entrusted the supply of the following mono-make series: Indycar, Indy Lights, GP2 and GP3, F3.5 V8 (formerly World Series By Renault), Super Formula, Renault RS01. In the last few years, the engineering activities for both race and high performance road cars have developed significantly, enriched by collaborations with some of the most important Brands from the industry (Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, KTM, Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche to name a few).