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Autonomous Province of Bolzano/South Tyrol for MUSEION

Concept for two media facades for 2×18 projector matrix, total resolution of 4k, 2x 400sqm glass facade, development of multi-display software and VJ-tool, enabled for interactive content.

Download MUSEION Project Flyer.pdf

The MUSEION museum for modern and contemporary art in Bolzano/South Tyrol is a communication museum.

It combines the flexibility and the openness of a workshop with the qualities of a classical gallery and exhibition. The building is a 54m long cube with a height of 25m and a width of 23m. The transparent front façades are showcases and projection surfaces towards the city and the landscape.

Moveable translucent glass slats have been integrated into the façades which regulate day- and sunlight to allow an optimal presentation of the character of an exhibition. After dark, the translucent glass slats create a persistent projection surface, each representing a size of 400sq.m. A single façade is equipped with 18 projectors and a resolution of 4.000 x 4.000 pixels.

We have been contracted to develop the technical concept and the specification of the projection matrix of the projection surfaces which had to be carefully hidden in the architecture as well as to realize the multimedia playout software based on WATCHOUT by Dataton. We also developed the interactive projection software, which allows video and interactive media artists to present their art in an unique dimension by using a huge seamless virtual rectangular “canvas” to create linear and non-linear interactive media art. Our program enables media- and video-artists to develop creative installations and content for both façades without taking care of the projection matrix.

In the future, the Media Façades will enable the visitors to manipulate interactive content in realtime.


  • Technical Conception
  • Hardware-/Softwaredesign (VJ-Tool)
  • WATCHOUT Programming
  • Project Supervision