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Science Centre DYNAMIKUM, Pirmasens/Germany

Four interactive Mixed-Reality Environments (interactive floor, interactive walls) with seamless multi-channel projections, person-, motion- and object tracking systems, custom-built media technology for interactive exhibits and show control system.

Download DYNAMIKUM Pirmasens Flyer.pdf

The  Science Centre DYNAMIKUM in Pirmasens focusses on physical phenomenons around the theme “motion”. Having 4000 sqm exhibition space and offering 150 hands-on exhibits the DYNAMIKUM is one of Germany’s bigger Science Centers.

But its one-of-a-kind attraction are the four interactive Mixed-Reality Environments, which we planned, developed and realized based on a conception of the attraction designers studio klv. We furthermore developed custom-built media technology for other interactive exhibits and the show control system for the complete media technology of the DYNAMIKUM.

MR Environment ‘Room of Planets’
In the ‘Room of Planets’ visitors will be turned into a fixed star so that they – with some patience – can force orphanly meandering planets into an orbit around oneself, which will then be visualized. The gravitational field of the visitor as a fixed star is simulated and affects the planets, while he/she is moving around in the room. The animation and behaviour of the planets and the suns as well as the complete environment are modeled using real physics. 
The installation of the ‘Room of Planets’ was realized with four projectors for the seamless floor projection and an infrared person tracking. It allows to be used by several persons at the same time, which usually leads to people trying to steal planets or fixed stars from each other and results in a lot of fun. 

MR-Environment ‘Trajectories’
This MR Environment demonstrates, that the trajectory of an object (ball) is always parabolic, no matter how high or wide it is thrown. 
One of the four walls of the room features a rear projection, which traces and visualizes every movement or throw of the ball in real-time. The colours of the virtual trajectory graphics also represent the measured speed of the moved/thrown object. An evaluation screen finally freezes one throw and its trajectory after a countdown and gives information about the speed of the throw measured in cm/sec. at several points.
The installation ‘Trajectories’ was realized using a rear projection system and infrared object tracking.

MR-Environments ‘Race Tunnel / Rain Race’
The third MR Environment features two alternatingly usable installations equipped with infrared person tracking. Four projectors constitute a seamless 13 m wide projection wall, which either shows an abstract jungle landscape or a rainy forest. In the installation ‘Race Tunnel’ the visitor has to overtake a randomly selected animal (elephant, dachshund, millipede a.o.). From start to end the speed of the runner and the virtual animal is measured in real-time and the results are displayed. Once the race is finished additional information about the particular animal is displayed. 
In the installation ‘Rain Race’ the visitor needs to run with the optimal speed to get wet as little as possible. A virtual representation of the visitor is generated as a shadow on the screen, which slowly fills itself with rainwater. The result is displayed in ml together with a hi-score.


  • Systems Design
  • Interface Design
  • 3D Realtime Graphics
  • Person-, Motion- and Object Tracking
  • Hard- and Software development
  • Multichannel Projection Systems
  • Show Control

More visitor videos can be found in the youtube-channel of the DYNAMIKUM.

(images with courtesy of studioklv GmbH)