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Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research, Toronto/CDN, on behalf of International Development of Technology b.v.

Turnkey projection system for the VR dome for ‘Streetlab’ motion base, featuring five LED front projection channels and one LED floor projection channel including the patented ProjectionTools auto-calibration system.

Download Toronto Rehab CEAL StreetLab.pdf

CEAL is a huge subterranean research lab located beneath Toronto Rehabʼs University Centre, being the Centrepiece of the iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research. We provided the Visual Dome Solution for the Streetlab – an immersive virtual environment featuring a treadmill and rolling road on a motion base.

CEAL features the worldʼs first hydraulic motion simulator, which uniquely combines motion, visual and aural simulation techniques to create realistic and challenging environments that can mimic everyday challenges faced by older people and those with disabling injury or illness.

The 6-degree-of-freedom motion platform can be configured with three different payloads. The Streetlab payload features a 180 degree field-of-view curved visual projection screen combined with a treadmill interface and a wheelchair simulator. Its display system is a virtual reality dome where people can walk through virtual downtown Toronto while being challenged by busy intersections and obstacles on the street. project: syntropy was engaged to engineer and deliver the complete projection system for the VR dome, featuring five LED front projection channels and one LED floor projection channel including an auto-calibration system. Integration and initial calibration was done in Canada by our specialists.

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About Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, part of the University Health Network (UHN), operates a $36-million-dollar research centre called iDAPT (Intelligent Design for Adaptation, Participation and Technology) Centre for Rehabilitation Research. iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research is one of the worldʼs most technologically advanced rehabilitation research facilities. Interdisciplinary scientists and research students from a broad range of engineering and clinical disciplines develop new methods, technologies and treatments for rehabilitation.