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SYNtouch Multitouch Systems produced by project: syntropy

SYNtouch Multitouch Videos

SYNtouch Multitouch Application Videos

SYNtouch Multitouch Solutions by project: syntropy

SYNtouch – the most flexible Multitouch / Multiuser Solution

Our SYNtouch multitouch systems are conceived as the most flexible professional interactive Multitouch Multi-User solution. Our products are based on many years of experience in development and projects in the professional AV-, Multimedia- and integration market of interactive systems!

We provide customised high performance multitouch and multi-user hardware and software according to our clients’ requirements.
Whether you are looking for a single-projector multitouch-table, a multitouch-bar or a -wall or for a larger multi-projector exhibit – we are able to produce SYNtouch multitouch surfaces in any required size and any shape.
Our multitouch applications are available for licensing and run on any available 3rd party hardware which supports multitouch events.

Check out our youtube-channel to see more of our SYNtouch multitouch references!
Or check out our youtube playlist dedicated to our SYNtouch multitouch applications availabe for licensing.

SYNtouch Multitouch Product Flyer.pdf

SYNtouch Multitouch Hard- and Software Features

  • Real multitouch support allows creation of intuitive interfaces which can be controlled using commonly established or dedicated selected gestures, all fingers, any kind of physical object etc.
  • Marker-input supported
  • Additional input technologies mobile devices, bluetooth, RFID, proximity sensors etc. can be supported
  • Displays and projectors (2D/3D) can be added and controlled
  • No technical limitation in number of users and number of fingers/objects recognized at the same time
  • No limitation in size, number of seamlessly blended projection channels and shape of multitouch screen
  • Automatic calibration of single- and multi-channel systems on startup
  • Hardware- or software edge blending supported
  • Multi-Channel/Multi-PC systems can run different applications at the same time and on a continuous surface

All SYNtouch interactive applications are maintained using web-based content management systems which makes updates as easy as maintaining a website
SYNtouch Multitouch Multi-User systems also support our next generation immersive entertainment fulldomes and allow users to interact with fulldome content!