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Interactive Immersive Media Environments by project: syntropy

Interactive Room – Interactive Floor – Interactive Wall – Interactive Dome
Museum-, Science Center-, Shop-, Exhibition- and Marketing Managers are always looking for new exciting ways for visitors to explore their contents and products using interactive multimedia technologies in an intuitive way, which – at the same time – allow for group interaction and collaboration.
project: syntropy has developed (dome-) projection-, multitouch- and mixed reality technologies and applications for more than a decade now and is offering an unique line-up of products which can be used to create spectacular immersive attractions.
The turnkey solutions are highly reliable, robust and do not invade the environment with technical gadgets, but use invisible tracking and sensor technologies to create seamless interactive surfaces of any size and shape.

Interactive Immersive Media.pdf

multi-purpose – ease-of-use – dynamic
The interactive environments are sensing the user in all possible ways, are self-explaining and intuitively to use. Contents can be exchanged easily by the customer without the need for re-design because our generic and dynamic interactive surfaces are designed to be independent from the contents.
New applications can be developed and run on the existing hardware configurations.

Immersive Solutions
project: syntropy offers fullservice from concept development, interface design, construction, production, installation and maintenance. Turnkey solutions with interactive applications are available for efficient and cost-effective realization of your project.