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UNSW University Of New South Wales, Art & Design, Sydney, Australia

Mobile 6m fulldome all-in-one-solution featuring a foldable lightweight geodetic sphere, ultra high-resolution WQXGA 8-channel 3D stereo projection system, media server and auto calibration; optimized for rapid assembly at optimum image quality.

Download UNSW DomeLab Flyer.pdf

Immersive audiovisual 3D-Environment for the UNSW Art & Design Institute.

We designed a mobile turnkey fulldome system equipped with eight WQXGA projectors which is amongst the world’s top hi-end multi-channel 4K-3D stereo projection systems. The global travel fulldome system, which is fast and easy to set-up, was developed for the UNSW University of New South Wales, Australia, to explore three themes: interactive media, future museology and experimental humanities and is the first experimental fulldome in Australia. Over the next years the team of UNSW Art & Design will run workshops, festivals and venues with its so called DomeLab and visit different places worldwide.
Traveling with the mobile DomeLab as well as assembly had to be easy and efficient: to meet those matters the fulldome consists of a lightweight, powder-coated aluminum geodesic frame; it is specifically designed for rapid assembly and comes complete with custom made flightcases. The double-layered screen equipped with negative pressure technology is made from custom shaped sheets of PVC welded together to create a perfect hemisphere for all kinds of projections. auto calibration ensures seamless edge-blending and automatic geometry correction for an ultimate image quality. The surround audio system completes a rich media adventure. Professor Kenderdine and her team are thus very well equipped for their international five year DomeLab tour.

First Station: digital art installation Look Up Mumbai
The first tour, in January 2016, led the DomeLab assisted by Sarah Kenderdine to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Museum, formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India in Mumbai. The digital art installation called ‘Look Up Mumbai’ at the city’s largest historic museum is just at the heart of the giant metropolis and thus specifically focused the ceiling architectures of Mumbai’s heritage and contemporary buildings. 67 fisheye images were transformed into an urban celestial imagery and displayed in the dome. The exceptional architectonic, cultural and religious heterogeneity of Mumbai was represented by projections of grand neo-Gothic rooms, examples of Indo-Saracenic architectures as well as Art Deco buildings. Correct geometric ‘projection mapping’ of these ceilings within the dome maintained the architectonic integrity of varying sizes and proportions.

About the UNSW Art & Design institute
UNSW Art & Design Institute is driving Australia’s focus on media innovation and emerging technologies. The Institute foregrounds experimentation and exploration and is collaborating across science, engineering, the humanities and social sciences. It is Australia’s largest community of art and design practitioners, researchers, educators and students with faculty members originating from more than fifty countries globally.
The immersive travel fulldome made by project: syntropy GmbH is Australia’s first experimental fulldome that will advance new frontiers in immersive visualization, intelligent interaction and networked experiences for interactive media, museology and digital humanities research. “DomeLab is a post-cinematic and aesthetically potent research environment which has its technological roots in everything from domed architecture to planetariums, projection mapping, flight simulation, and virtual reality,” says Sarah Kenderdine, initiator at UNSW Art & Design.