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Daimler AG, Research & Development Department, on behalf of IMTEC GmbH.

For the end customer Daimler AG, Research & Development Department, we upgraded an outdated 8-channel LCD projection to a high-resolution 15-channel WQXGA 3D stereo Visual Display Solution with ProjectionTools auto-alignment for their MBS „Moving-Base“ Driving Simulator at Daimler Simulator Centre in Sindelfingen, Germany.

Download Daimler MBS Simulator Visual Upgrade.pdf

The existing 8-channel LCD projection system inside the 360° dome of the MBS „Moving-Base“ Driving Simulator at Daimler Simulator Centre had reached its end of life and was supposed to be replaced by a state-of-the-art high resolution projection system featuring low-maintenance. Furthermore it was supposed to operate in mono as well as in active stereo mode. On behalf of IMTEC GmbH, who have participated in construction and implementation of the MBS simulator initially, we have been trusted with the design concept, production of the projector mounting system, complete integration into the existing dome structure (which’ surface has been overhauled by us as well) and in the image generator system. Finally, we integrated a ProjectionTools auto-alignment system.
The new 15-channel WQXGA 3D Stereo projection system delivers improved brightness, much higher resolution, least possible shading even if used with trucks and extremely low maintenance.

About the MBS „Moving-Base“ Driving Simulator at Daimler R&D, Sindelfingen
Since the end of 2010, Mercedes-Benz operates one of the world’s most cutting-edge “moving-base” driving simulators in Sindelfingen, Simulator Centre. With its 360° screen, fast electric power system and the twelve-metre-long rail for transverse or longitudinal movements, the dynamic driving simulator is still the most powerful in the entire automotive industry. With this driving simulator, highly dynamic driving manoeuvres such as changing lane can be simulated in a realistic manner, enabling in-depth research into driver and vehicle behaviour on the road. At the Driving Simulation Center of Daimler AG all simulators (MBS-, Ride-, Fixed-Base-, Assistance Systems Simulator etc.) are housed under one roof.