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DLR Institute of Transportation Systems, Braunschweig/Germany

Turnkey projection system for the new Virtual Reality Laboratory (VR-Lab) – a 360° cylindrical projection screen having a diameter of 5.5 meter, 12 high-resolution projection channels and auto-calibration.
After eight years upgrade to 12-channel WQXGA-LED-projection.

Download DLR VR Lab Flyer.pdf

In the new Virtual Reality Laboratory (VR-Lab) of the DLR Institute of Transportation Systems in Braunschweig new driver assistance systems and functions are evaluated regarding their usability and acceptance.

project syntropy has won the tender to deliver the complete projection system consisting of 12 WUXGA LED projection channels to achieve a high resolution 360° cylindrical projection having a diameter of 5.5 meter and the auto-calibration system. Research vehicles and cockpits can easily and flexibly be exchanged by using a dedicated platform and ramp construction provided by us.
After eight years of intensive usage we have been commissioned with the upgrade to 12-channel LED WQXGA-projection. The horizontal resolution was thus enhanced to 16,000 pixels. Together with the newest version of ProjectionTools we have reduced the maintenance cost of the whole visual system to a negligible level.
The new 360° VR-Lab allows now for a higher immersion when early and economic evaluations of new assistance systems are to be performed – which lowers the risk of minus developments in early stages of concept development.

About the Institute
DLR is Germany’s national research center for aeronautics and space. Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, transportation and energy is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures.

The Institute of Transportation Systems in Braunschweig and Berlin designs, develops and evaluates solutions for human-centered driver assistance systems, traffic surveillance and management as well as for automation, disposition and train control in rail traffic.