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There is one place where humans are not able to travel due to the high pressure and absence of light: the abyss, the deepest and most unknow part of the oceans.
Do you ever imagine that one day we could dive deep into the sea or travel in space?
project: syntropy is now able to make dreams come true by introducing Virtual Aquarium.


1-Entrance and Pre-Show Area
Windows made of multiple LCD panels will be placed on the walls of the cabin. When the visitors enter this area, the windows will show that the cabin is descending into the sea. Upon arrival at the underwater base visitors exit the cabin and prepare for an exciting journey… The pre-show cabin includes a motion platform to simulate a more realistic descending experience, media on all screens, and 5.1 sound system.

2-Main Show Dome Area
This is where the adventure begins! Visitors are in the submarine with a 360 degrees observation platform. They can see all the flora and fauna around the submarine: but suddenly a giant octopus attacks…
When the visitors enter the main show area, the joint effect of the german-quality dome design, our 4K movie resolution and our signature motion platform will bring the most stunning and immersive experience to the visitors.  Visitors will never forget the excitement of this fantastic journey!

3-Exit Exhibition Area
When the show is finished, visitors will exit the submarine by going through an exhibition area. The panel window will provide the ascending visual feeling which will bring you a complete experience of the diving journey. The motion platform is an option in this section, and a souvenir shop is always recommended for higher ROI.

Please use our contact form for requests and further information about Virtual Aquarium.

Download VIRTUAL AQUARIUM FLYER (also in chinese language)