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ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, Fuerstenfeldbruck near Munich/Germany, for German Army.

2 Turnkey fulldome projection systems for the Joint Fire Support Team (JFST) Training Simulator, each comprising of a 5m dome (HFOV 220°, VFOV  -30° / +90°),  a 7-channel WUXGA visual display system and auto-alignment solution for German Army.

Download ESG JFST VDS Project Flyer.pdf

The Joint Fire Support Team (JFST) Training Simulator is a product developed by ESG for their client German Army. project: syntropy has delivered the complete visual display system for the JFSTs: each is equipped with a 5m dome screen, 7 WUXGA projectors and auto-calibration. The system is located at the Artillerieschule in Idar-Oberstein/Germany.

About the Joint Fire Support Team (JFST) Training Simulator
At ESGs training area at the Artillerieschule in Idar-Oberstein they operate a Joint Fire Support Team (JFST) Training Simulator.
The JFST training simulator consists of a Process Trainer, a Joint Command and Evaluation Centre, a Briefing and Debriefing Station and the Action Trainer, for which we have delivered two turnkey visual display solutions. Within the action trainer the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) as part of the JFST calls for air support from its position at the front, coordinates its deployment and directs fire against targets. The JFST is the connecting element between combat troops on the ground and fire support from the air, land and sea. In the simulators’ action trainer mounted and dismounted teams can train how the crews cooperate with each other and the interaction of a team of two vehicles. The simulation is controlled and the training monitored from the trainer station. With the pilot station aircraft can be flown manually or close air support can be planned and carried out automatically.
In the simulation combat area the driver drives the vehicles across virtual terrain. The crew measures targets in the simulation with realistic simulations of air equipment. Through a hatch the trainee submerges himself in a virtual world of the simulation events with a helmet mounted display in a 360° panoramic view. In dismounted operations the air-to-ground team with JTAC makes realistic use of replicas of devices that they know in the dome with 220° FOV. The same applies to the ground-to-ground team and its specific equipment.
The use of the helmet mounted display provides a 360° panoramic view in the dome. In the process trainer the interaction of the crew is trained in all situations at computer workstations using a virtual simulation of all the equipment available in the team.
As in the action trainer the VBS3 simulation software with extended modules is also used in the process trainer. In two JFSTs with two vehicles each all joint tactical fire support procedures can be represented. The command and evaluation centre is responsible for the preparation, creation and execution of the exercise with interactive control of the simulation events for the action and process trainers. The briefing and debriefing stations finally offer extensive options of preparation and follow-up of individual exercises and missions.

About ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH
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