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Luftwaffe (German Air Force), on behalf of Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH

Construction and integration of four 360° 6m fulldome projection systems for four EUROFIGHTER Full Mission Simulators (FMS) at the air base Laage, where the Tactical Air Force Wing is stationed. All Visual Display Systems are equipped by ZEISS with 18 high resolution VELVET -LED projectors and comprise ProjectionTools autocalibration.


After our successful co-operation with ZEISS comprising the realisation of visual display system upgrades for eight Eurofighter-FMS– and CT-simulators, one Transall FMS collimated VDS-upgrade and three Tornado-Full Mission Simulators – including several upgrades to LED-projectors later on – we are continuing our partnership in the project Pilot Synthetic Training System PSTS for the Main Operating Base (MOB) in Laage. Main contractor is Airbus Defence and Space GmbH in Manching. During the course of the contract existing FMS and CT Simulators in Laage will be upgraded and two additional FMS of the latest standard will be installed. This will enable the German Air Force to perform four-ship training at a single location and multi-ship training at distributed networked locations. Due to our new design of the Visual Display Systems, the building can accommodate the four FMS within the existing simulator halls without major infrastructure adaptions.

Our work in the project PSTS comprises the following:
– complete Visual Display System planning
– production and installation of the 6m large fulldomes
– production and installation of all support and maintenance structures for fulldome, cockpit, projectors
– system integration of the 18 projectors each incl. warp&blend hardware
– installation and automatisation of the ProjectionTools autocalibration incl. color-calibration.

Special design challenges are a) the restricted space inside the 360° fulldome – which is only 6m in diameter – concerning the large number of projector channels and b) the complex requirements for fast and easy maintenance to avoid unnecessary downtime.

The EUROFIGHTER FMS Full Mission Simulators are located at the air bases Wittmund, Laage, Neuburg and Noervenich, where the Tactical Air Force Wings are stationed.
The development of the Pilot Synthetic Training System PSTS is focussing on improvements with which the Eurofighter’s capabilities and performance have been reinforced, emphasizing those related to electronic defence systems, state-of-the-art avionics and the new CAPTOR-E radar. PSTS is equipped with the state-of-the-art ZEISS LED projection system, a full suite of cockpit displays and control panels including a newly developed facsimile head- up-display. It will also comprise a G-seat motion cueing system, an anti-G inflation system as well as a breathing air system. The entire cockpit will be night vision goggle compatible.