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BASF AG, Ludwigshafen/Germany and China

Complete media technology for BASF visitor centre: e.g interactive augmented reality periodic table, interactive media table, panorama cinema, interactive cubes as visitor guides, virtual hair styling station, interactive world map and many more exhibits.

Download BASF Visitor Centre Flyer.pdf

The BASF AG has commissioned us to provide and install the complete media technology for their visitor centre on their factory premises in Ludwigshafen. On 2.000qm² exhibition space featuring approx. 500 exhibits the visitors can experience the BASF brand and learn more about the fascinating world of chemistry. From 2008 until 2012 we have been working on continuous improvements and new exhibits on order of the agency flying saucer , Berlin.

Highlight Exhibits

Periodic Table
Our latest addition to the exhibition at the BASF Visitor Center was the development of augmented reality tracking software for the Periodic Table – an interactive multi-media exhibit which introduces visitors to the world of chemistry and allows them to experience the periodic table of the elements.
Cast in acrylic cubes, 103 elements of highest purity can be viewed by visitors as under a microscope to get informed about applications, discoverers and typical properties.
The exhibit won the German Design Award 2013, the jury said: “The exhibit becomes a haptic, media and aesthetic experience. A fascinating and exciting piece that arouses people’s interest in research. High-grade (and entertaining) learning.”

Interactive media table
This exhibit explains the complex integrated BASF Ludwigshafen Verbund site and can be used by several visitors simultaneously. The information is displayed by video projection onto a contour map of the site premises. Six additional display units show in-depth information selected, for example, by means of electronic magnifying glasses. The media table can also be operated by visitor guides as a smartphone-controlled presentation tool.

Panoramic Cinema ‘Look to the future’
The multichannel panoramic cinema is one of the key exhibits of BASF’s visitor centre. The panoramic movie shows visions, questions and research themes of the close and distant future on a 150° curved cylindrical projection. Our work encompassed the complete projection solution and media mastering.

Interactive Cubes as visitor guide
On arrival, visitors to the BASF Visitor Center receive a cube to guide them through the exhibition. Designed in the six corporate colors, the cube is symbolically activated in the first room of the exhibition and unlocks additional information in each of the following areas. Six themes such as “responsibility,” “Verbund” and “water” can be accessed by positioning the appropriate face of the cube on video pillars provided. project: syntropy developed the dedicated sensor technology and interfacing software.

Virtual Hair Styling
Products by BASF related to hair styling are presented in a fun way using a virtual mirror and automated image compositing software developed by us. The exhibit shows a live cam picture of the visitor, who may then superimpose various hair styles over this live picture. Finally, the system allows visitors to print out their favorite photo in postcard format as a souvenir.

Interactive World Map
BASF operates close to 100 sites around the globe, which are presented interactively by texts, pictures and videos appearing on four screens. A model of the continents milled from Corian shows the location of the site selected by means of controlled LEDs.

Our Work

  • Technical Conception
  • Hardwaredesign
  • Projection Systems
  • Hard- and Software development
  • Show Control
  • Installation
  • Maintenance