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Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH, Berg-Hoehenrain/Germany, for the end user Norwegian Competence Center Helicopter (NCCH), Sola.

Visual Display Solution for CS-FSTD(H) EASA FFS Level D certified Helicopter H145 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) based on a 240° x 80° field of view dome display using eight dual-channel LED-IR projectors, autocalibration and NBlend-Technology for optical blend masks.

Download Reiser H145 FFS NCCH.pdf

The second “Made in Germany” Level D simulator is “ready for training” at Norwegian Competence Center Helicopter (NCCH) since the CS-FSTD(H) EASA FFS Level D certificate has been approved on August 23rd, 2018.
The simulator comprises a 6 DOF-electric motion and vibration system, a directly projected moving imagery using eight dual-channel LED-IR projectors on dome screen having a field of view of 240° by 80° and an intuitive on-board instructor operating station (IOS) guarantee the highest level of realistic flight experience.
Because of the success of the ADAC project we have been contracted to realize a second system for the Norwegian Competence Center Helicopter (NCCH), which has received a Level D certification as well. This visual system comprises eight two channel LED IR video projectors, the rest of the specifications were left unchanged. For the first time,’s patented NBlend-Technology was used for generation of super-precise optical blend masks.

The Norwegian Competence Center Helicopter (NCCH)
The Norwegian Competence Center Helicopter (NCCH) provides simulator training for pilots and crew members from various mission profiles like HEMS, law enforcement, VIP services or offshore operators.
NCCH has been established in cooperation with the Norwegian Air Ambulance (NLA) to provide most sophisticated training for their HEMS pilots and crew members.
NCCH is focused on adding professionalism and safety to pilots’ real missions by combining leading-edge technology and most realistic training.