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Aberdeen Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

55″ FullHD Multitouch Table for interactive configuration of office spaces, complex dynamic menus are supported by object markers, the whole application is database-driven and also includes a JAVA-web application to continue working on floor plans without the table.

We developed a 55″ FullHD Multitouch Table and interactive database-driven multitouch software ‘interactive office space configurator’ for Aberdeen Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt/Main, Germany based on a concept by their agency Immo Media Consult.

The very advanced multitouch application demonstrates what is possible when combining multitouch with fiducial-based data-base driven menu objects: dynamic and flexible functionalities and menues can be generated without any limitations and without interfering with the interactive space. Aberdeen used the multitouch table to actively involve their customers in layout and planning of office spaces as a sales-tool for real estate.

The user can upload a floor plan and start configuring his personal office space according to his needs by generating objects, drawing walls, placing doors, furniture etc. Variants can be saved, printed, exported as pdfs etc. The user can continue working at home on his floor plan using a JAVA-based configurator which supports most of the features when actually using a mouse. All menu objects are dynamic, exchangeable and can import further svg-objects. An admin-tool allows for user- and database administration. A separate presentation layer is provided for Aberdeen to use the multitouch presentation capabilities for their company, projects and products.

The software is available for licensing and can be adapted to 3D visualisation of personalized floor plans at anytime.

Office Configurator Multitouch On Immoreal
Office Configurator Multitouch On Immoreal
Office Configurator Multitouch Interface
Office Configurator Multitouch Interface

Office space configurator adapted to multitouch flatscreen

We adapted the Multitouch-Application ‘office space configurator’ from camera-based multitouch with object tracking to a 32” FullHD Polytouch-Flatscreen using projected capacitive technology. The original application uses fiducial-based data-base driven menu objects – to make it usable on the flatscreen these menu items were slightly modified, while the overall feeling of the interface was preserved.